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    Astéria Herpès

    Detection Feline Herpes virus

    • Availability : Within 7 days.
    • Available format : 1 box of 5 tests
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    Disease description

    Feline Coryza refers to a complex set of often various symptoms such as hyperthermia, sneezing, runny nase, watery eyes and ulcers in the mouth.
    These symptoms can be caused by infectious and highly contagious diseases brought on by viruses such as herpes virus or calicivirus.

    Astéria Coryza test is a new generation molecular test, allowing the detection of genome fragments of Feline Herpes Virus, Chlamydia felis and Calicivirus in a reliable and rapid manner in order to obtain indications as to the pathogen(s) that are involved in the appearance of the observed symptoms.

    Unlike traditionnal PCR tests, Astéria tests are performed in only a few steps, on a portable and easy-to-use reading instrument. The result can be obtained in less than 40 minutes, at the clinic or in field .

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    Molecular detection of DNA by isothermal amplfication


    Lysis buffer included


    Endogenous control included

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